Friday, May 27, 2011

SHuSH HELsinki happenings

A night of Grazy randomness in Helsinki's abandoned spaces
This event will activate and transform a disused space through collective participation and interaction for one night.

Animations from Australia

Captain Hank
Heavyweight electro music for laser oriented adults

Collective painting

Lead by Riina Hänninen

Mixing individual experiences and opinions with current news

to produce a collective and alternative experience of the world.

Dinosaur DRAWing!
Draw, draw, draw and draw some more! Collaborative creations
Bring along random writing/drawing/mark making tools.

Fragmented Story World (Sirpale Satu Maa)
Ongoing workshop: assemble words, sentences, songs, stories, worlds, gibberish, slogans, insults, etc.
Then perform (transform) your fragments if you dare!

Imagined Play/ Ground
(open for interested participants to perform, play, improvise, collide, stutter -

Jasper Klevering (DJ)
Holy world of songs

John W. Fail
"the public school : art, collaboration and pedagogy"

Ken Mai
Japanese butoh artist,choreographer

Lisa Erdman "Pharmaceutical Actions" Web
Lifting language from medical advertising and pharmaceutical package/dosage instructions, and placing it in a new context.

Miss Delay
Minimal techno

Participatory resonance 
Integrating and resonating found sounds, objects and moments
in time to create a direct link with the audience and location

New Charlesville Sound Art Collective
improvised soundscapes

Olimpia Splendid

youtube clip

Pentti Otto Koskinen
Taiteilijan täytyy vihata rahaa, asemaa, kunniaa ja itseään.
Artists must hate money, status, glory and himself.

Plucié & des Andes
aka Marek Pluciennik & James Andean
Found 16mm film, and sounds of lost. Low-fi burning image destruction poetry by Plucié to the concrete sound, musique of des Andes.

Translation is Dialogue
initiated by Arlene Tucker
Creating a space for people to materialize their interpretations

Secret trail

Suse Miessner: Draw with your body and create your own interpretation for Translation is Dialogue.

Visuals by Jade Burstall, Johnny Amore, Juhani Koivumäki + more!
Open Shorts
Bring your visuals, put em in, press play, take em out.

**5 euro entrance (donation) + check back on the 11th for location + bring your own drinks and snacks**

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